09 April 2010

That Familiar Chaos.

I could turn this post into some kind of pseudo- Venus vs. Mars debate, but that's been done countless times on countless blogs (even I touched on it very briefly last year). Instead, I'll keep it short and sweet 'cause it's Friday and you probably have better things to do.


Your heart versus your brain: everyone I know has probably experienced this battle of epic proportions at least once in their lives. The beauty of this illustration lies in its versatility despite the simplicity of its message; you can apply the concept to almost anything in life. The fact remains, however, that you are presented with a choice.

As usual, the trick is making the right one.

I would say that over the course of my life the balance usually has been tipped towards chaos. Not to say that every minute of my waking hours is filled with intense drama, but I have experienced my share of emotion on either extreme and the consequences of such. At times I have gotten lost inside of those (usually negative) emotions and have needed some help getting out. By the way, "getting lost" is not necessarily a bad thing; I've tried to at least learn from those lessons and take something positive away from it.

So lately I've been trying to establish more order in all the aspects of my life, stepping with a little more caution, taking others into consideration, calculating potential consequences of my actions. Admittedly, it's not easy to do because I feel like I've been living in a tempest for so long. It wouldn't be hard at all to give into that familiar chaos -- someone close to me once remarked that I was addicted to it. Realizing that it was the truth was quite the eye-opener.

It is difficult to temper the heart. But I need that balance.

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