25 June 2010


I've been feeling restless and needing to do things lately, which is somewhat foreign to me 'cause I'm usually more of a homebody. So it's weird, but over the past few weeks I've just been wanting to get away somehow.


With the advent of my three-day weekends (due to working 4 10-hour shifts at the hospital), I'm starting to actively look for things I can get into, especially in the Kansas City area. Someone dear to me once said that I'd missed out on too much of what cities had to offer, most likely because I didn't look hard enough (or just didn't want to look). It was true; I'd only really stuck to the things I knew I liked to do and unfortunately wasn't very adventurous or spontaneous. Obviously this led to plenty of missed opportunities, experiences and memories. This makes me sad, because I like to think that I would've learned from those experiences.

So I'm trying to be more proactive. I'm saying "Yes, okay, let's go!" more often. I've lined up the next couple of weekends, with an out-of-town bachelor party for a close friend and then a 2-day float trip with lots of acquaintances (I'm basically the "new guy" hanging out with a members of a close crew). I'm looking to see what else I can do here in the metro area over the next couple of months. I don't want to waste any more time, nor have any more regrets about not having done something. The experiences will definitely be worth the effort.

It's the weekend, PM readers. Time to escape.

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