24 June 2010

Slice 001: Le Trésor A Mathurin.

The first 15 shuffled songs from last night's (almost) random playlist, aka a decent slice of what I'm currently listening to -- complete with hastily-assembled cover art and completely unrelated title*.

This playlist skews a bit toward downtempo/trip-hop/instrumental 'cause I was in an introverted mood and didn't feel like disturbing my violet-colored aura. As to why I've never done this before when the name of this freakin blog is PERPETUAL MIXTAPE, I have no idea. But as usual, I digress.

Slice 001: Le Trésor A Mathurin
  1. sayCeT - "Cyrconplex" (One Day At Home)
  2. Sia - "The Bully" (Colour The Small One)
  3. Boards Of Canada - "Roygbiv" (Music Has The Right To Children)
  4. Moby - "Ghost Return" (Wait For Me)
  5. M83 - "On A White Lake, Near A Green Mountain" (Dead Seas, Red Cities & Lost Ghosts)
  6. Natalie Walker - "Right Here" (Urban Angel)
  7. Ironomi - "Yasou 3" (Ironomi)
  8. Bosques De Mi Mente - "Soledad" (Ruido Blanco)
  9. I Hate This Place - "Never Go" (Our Hearts Still Beating)
  10. 8mm - "Save Yourself" (Opener)
  11. Childs - "S.A.D." (Yui)
  12. Lights Out Asia - "Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl" (Eyes Like Brontide)
  13. Massive Attack - "Paradise Circus" (Heligoland)
  14. Emancipator - "Vines" (Safe In The Steep Cliffs)
  15. The Aloof - "Stuck On The Shelf" (Sinking)
Suggestions for future listening are always greatly appreciated!

*Some basic ground rules I set for myself, because I'm a huge nerd and also because I like to make things harder on myself than they actually need to be:
  1. Two or more songs from the same artist may be listed as long as they're on different albums.
  2. Two or more songs from the same album may be listed as long as they're by different artists.
Before you ask: No, I don't have a life. But you probably already knew that.

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