23 June 2010

Lace 'Em Up.

After a couple months of focusing solely on a muscle confusion workout, I've decided to supplement it with more cardio. Plyometrics, kenpo and core work are definitely effective in raising my heart rate, but I still feel as though I get winded too easily (although I've made lots of progress over the course of eleven weeks). So after work yesterday, I plotted out a course, waited until an hour before sunset, laced up my cross-trainers and headed out to run a few miles.

3.5 miles of asphalt and hills

It's a decent route along fairly busy streets and residential areas, with the occasional elementary school here and there, a bit of road construction, and even some sort of nature preserve where I saw some deer grazing on an expansive lawn, oblivious to traffic. But the sidewalks were uninterrupted (essential) and yappy dogs were fenced in (even more essential). In all, I made the circuit in a slow 45 minutes due to my being unused to running again. So it was no real surprise that my feet hurt and I was fatigued in a different way from an hour of P90X.

The second reason I began training is that I'll be here in Kansas City to run the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure in early August. I had a blast last year, so I'm planning on participating again this time around. I really want to improve my performance; the route runs through downtown Kansas City, and there were some hills that I struggled with last year. So I'm glad my "practice" route has some similar inclines. I'm hoping to get some other people to join me, but I think I will still run it solo if need be.

Are you in? Lace 'em up.

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