15 June 2010

My (Unfinished) Book Of Rhymes.

It's been a long time since I've finished writing a song. I think the last one I actually completed was sometime last spring for J-Pros' album, and that felt good to accomplish, but I can count on two hands the number of unfinished songs that are sitting in text files or in my book of rhymes (c) Nas. A couple of them are your typical exercises in braggadocio -- iller-than-thou displays of timing, pattern, breath control and flow. But most of the songs are incomplete fragments of my long-postponed solo project, Pisces Child, which is centered around my life experiences over the past three or four years.

As expected, much of the subject matter is introspective, dealing with lots of negative/destructive feelings I've harbored (and have since attempted to channel through more positive outlets). Admittedly it was very therapeutic to write down these feelings. The creativity and effort required -- to put them into rhyme form, then into something resembling a cohesive song, and then into something resembling a listenable album -- was a productive use of my free time, and I enjoy working on a project that carries so much personal meaning. However, school and my other commitment to Pacific Central inevitably ended up delaying work on Pisces Child.


Not that I'm complaining. We're rolling out Pacific Central this Thursday, 17 June, through various online outlets and I'm highly excited about unveiling our work to our friends and family. Ultimately, this will mean a bit more free time to polish up my song- and rhyme-writing skills and eventually continue work on my solo stuff. There's still so much in my head to write down, and I hope to be able to complete the Pisces Child project before too much longer.

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Me said...

I like the image. I would say that definitely describes me right now. Tomorrow's the big day! You excited? :)

Ran said...

I think the album launch went pretty well! There have even been reports of one of our tracks being played in a Seattle club, so that's definitely great. I only hope people like the music, because we did it for the love.

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