01 June 2010


You'd think I'd want to give my brain some sort of break from reading after graduating a couple of weeks ago. After all, I'd been nose-deep in textbooks and PowerPoint presentations for months, scanning line upon line of text and trying to retain it all. Although my eyes sometimes felt like they were simultaneously melting away and turning into dried up little coconut husks, I find myself cracking open more books.

I've always loved to read for pleasure ever since I can remember. From Choose Your Own Adventure books and the Hardy Boys series as a little kid, to horror and sci-fi in high school, leading up to books covering sociology and different aspects of world history and culture today, you'd find me in a corner somewhere turning pages.

Topic-wise, my reading tastes vary widely. I still love reading fiction (although I tend to stay away from mysteries, westerns and romance novels) but I've branched out into philosophy, science, and the occasional foray into geopolitics. I've been slowly collecting memoirs written by Asian/Asian-American authors for a while; I am keenly interested in that particular perspective for obvious reasons and will resume building the collection once I have some income to devote to it.

For now, though, I've been reading random books found at the condo and my parents'. Over the past two or three weeks, I've read:
  1. Insomnia by Stephen King: not nearly as scary as I'd remembered
  2. Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas & Micah Sparks: recommended by my mom; a fast and light memoir
  3. I'll Steal You Away by Niccolo Ammaniti: a dollar-store find! Sentimental, airy fiction that has me interested in reading some more work by the author
I've just started re-reading Forever by Pete Hamill, a strange but compelling fantasy novel spanning three centuries. I vaguely remember how it ends, but I saw it sitting on the bookshelf this past weekend and picked it up, having just finished my last book. I expect to have it completely read by the end of the week, so to the meager number of Perpetual Mixtape readers: Do you have any recommendations for (light or heavy) summer reading? I'm open to most anything. Please leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

"Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card. I think you will find yourself in the main character, Ender Wiggins.

Ran said...

Thanks for the rec, Anon. As soon as I finish my current book I'll definitely make a trip to the library.

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