10 June 2010

A Series Of Tubes.

I don't consider myself a television watcher. Over the past decade or so there have only been a handful of shows I'd commit to watching as they aired -- even more so now that Hulu, Netflix and torrents exist. Now that my last commitment, Lost, has broadcast its final episode (my thoughts about which could certainly fuel more than a couple of blog entries), I'm without a show to watch. And that's okay with me.


Some people are constantly glued to the television. Others like to turn it on just so they have some kind of ambient noise at home. I, like a lot of other people I assume, only turned it on to watch DVDs -- and even that doesn't happen anymore since I've stopped buying/renting movies. Eventually, my ten-year-old CRT lost its vertical hold function (giving me only a bright multicolored line that ran across the middle of the screen) late last year and my brother and I unceremoniously set it down next to the dumpster at my apartment complex. It had served me well for a decade, and by the time it quit, I was only using it maybe once a week for a few minutes at a time. It was time to move on.

By no means am I some sort of anti-TV purist. I'll be the first one to admit that many of the hours I would've spent in front of a television have instead been spent in front of a laptop monitor. To me, Web-surfing seems like a (slightly?) better use of leisure time than just clicking a remote. Sure, both activities are largely passive, but the sheer amount of information and entertainment available through the Internet simply dwarfs the combined offerings of network, cable and premium television.

I mean, you can watch TV on the Web now anyway, even most live events (if you look hard enough).

If I went another five years without cable, I really don't think I'd miss it at all. I'm curious to see what the television experience will be like by then, if a successful convergence device will be on the market (one that combines Web-surfing and TV-watching, like WebTV 9.0 or something). For now though, I'm happy catching the inevitable Lost re-run on Hulu.

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