09 July 2010

The Healthiest Substance On Earth.

Seems like I write and think about coffee a lot. Not surprising, since I currently drink around 3-4 small cups of the stuff each weekday. I'd long ago accepted the fact that I'm addicted to it; last weekend while on a camping/float trip, I went without and felt kinda sluggish and had a slight headache in the mornings. (No, I wasn't hungover. At least I don't think I was.)

Being a caffeine fiend doesn't really alarm me at this point. I'd probably do well to drink less of it, but 10-hour days are taking a bit of a toll on me. Between working from 8 to 6:30 and then working out for another hour after I get home from the hospital, I'm fairly tired. It's a good kind of tired, but I've found myself dragging in the afternoons, especially after lunch. Inevitably I find myself pouring another cup. Long work days are a good excuse for downing a cup of joe, right?

unfortunately, this probably isn't true :(

In the spectrum of vices, coffee consumption is probably ranked pretty low. After all, it's been shown to have some health benefits. It's a low-calorie drink -- obviously, this will change depending on what you put in it. Personally I put a dash of fat-free creamer and a packet of zero-calorie sweetener in my cup (I do have the occasional lapse in judgment and buy a sugar bomb from Starbucks when the budget permits). It's also a minor appetite suppressant, which helps with the restricted diet I'm trying.

Sometimes it's just too hot for coffee though, so I'm looking for some non-soda alternatives. I've tried the 5-Hour Energy shots and they seem to work for road trips. I may have to buy a couple of bottles to take to work and see if they can sustain me throughout the day. But I know that I'll always come back to my one true love in the end.

To my fellow coffee drinkers/fiends, I raise my mug to you! Happy Friday.

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