01 July 2010

Lyrics: Untitled Verse.

Written from inside a dark place.
I never thought that I would see you in dreams
But every time I do it's like I'm fiendin' it seems
'Cause yo, you're like a vision that I witness
Mindin' my business and all of a sudden I miss you with a quickness

Yo I can't explain it, 'cause one second I'm fine
It's wreckin' my mind, I end up recollectin' the time
When I stole a kiss and then captured your heart
I mastered the art of love but now I'm back at the start

Ground zero, starin' at your picture at night
Thinkin' bout you even when I'm grippin' a mic
It's surprising 'cause I thought that I was over you boo
Instead my soul is tellin' me to get closer to you

But hold up, I don't know how you feel about this tragedy
I hope your strategy's to rapidly come back to me
And that'll be the fantasy occupyin' my brain
Until then, sing a melody and quiet my pain

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