12 July 2010

Non-Fiction x 5.

Feeling the need to read things that aren't made of LCD screen pixels, I dipped into Half-Price Books recently and emerged with these selections from the non-fiction clearance shelves*:

2010 summer reading
  1. Stumbling On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert: A Freakonomics-type of book that touches on why certain things make us (un)happy, even if we'd thought otherwise, and dips into "psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and behavioral economics," according to the back. Well all right, then.

  2. Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser: Not that I eat fast food very often anymore (road trips are usually the culprit), but I'm looking for any reason to give it up altogether. This seems like a good way to do it.

  3. Lucky Child by Loung Ung: Adding to my collection of Asian-American memoirs, this time from a Cambodian voice. I can't get enough of reading these.

  4. In Defense Of Elitism by William A. Henry III: A semi-heavy book about the domestic policy debate on egalitarianism (obviously, the author argues against it). This should be interesting to read; I consider myself a liberal but I'm on the fence regarding this issue.

  5. Apollo's Fire by Michael Sims: A tour of what happens on planet Earth during a single day through the lenses of astronomy, nature, physics and a little bit of mathematics. Ahhh, science.
I'm almost finished with Searching For God Knows What by Donald Miller, an accessible book about attempting to find the deeper, true meaning of God and life, recommended by a friend. It's kinda refreshing to read about religion once in a while and nicely kicks off a well-rounded set of topics. The addition of my five new books should make for very engaging reading for the rest of the summer months.

To the anonymous commenter in my previous entry on books: I tried to find Ender's Game in the store without success. I'll have to borrow it from the library.

*Total cost was only $10.44! Definitely worth it.

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