03 September 2010

The 314.

Okay boys and girls, here's the plan: Smashing through the Gateway City this afternoon to start the Labor Day weekend in grand style with old and new friends. We'll be in St. Louis mainly to cheer on Mizzou at Saturday's 2010 Arch Rivalry football game against Illinois!


I'm amped for two reasons: This game will kick off Missouri's schedule (and I'm always excited to see Mizzou play), and it also will be the last time for a few years that the Rivalry will take place. It's interesting that they even play against each other 'cause each team belongs to a different conference. So it's a must-see event -- especially for me since I won't be around to go to any games later in the season.

Although the Arch Rivalry will be the highlight of the getaway, we'll also definitely be running around the city getting in trouble as usual. Sushi is on the agenda as well as alcoholic beverages, loud music, and whatever else we happen to get into. We're down for the cause. St. Louis peoples: let's do this!

It's on! M-I-Z!!

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