02 September 2010

Tweet Tweet.

Sooo apparently my sister Gen has joined Twitter. Because she's witty, funny and generally awesome, this is actually A Very Good Thing. I like her writing style but she doesn't update her blog very often (I mean, who has the time to write when you have a toddler wreaking havoc all up on your mid-century style furniture?). We share the same twisted sense of absurdist humor and have sent each other strange and hilarious crap over the years, so I can only look forward to the nonsense she'll undoubtedly tweet.

Mmm hmm.

Although Twitter has achieved a huge increase in popularity over the past couple of years, lots of people still have no idea what it is, or how people use it. The vast majority seems to think that it's only used for informing the Internet about what snack food item you just shoved down your throat but if they looked a little closer, really it's much more than that. I basically use Twitter for:
  1. sharing interesting/funny photos, links and videos
  2. keeping updated on various niche subjects, issues and news
  3. seeing how clever people can get within the 140-character limit (it's amazing sometimes how constraint leads to creativity, and I'm not talking about abbreviated words)
  4. discovering new music and art
I don't follow any major celebrities, musicians or athletes. A handful of friends are on it and it's nice to see what they're up to. The rest of my follower list mostly consists of random interesting individuals from all over the world, a few artists/groups, and some organizations devoted to important causes. And yes, I stay away from Trending Topics and people who only tweet about where they are and what they're doing at the moment -- and yes, what they're eating, unless you link to a photo. I love photos of food.

Try a tweet or two. You might like it. And uhhh, yeah.

Shameless Plug Time: Follow my sis (@genevieve_rocks) and me (@RanGamboa) on Twitter.

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