24 September 2010

Decent Exposure.

I admit, it feels nice to be interviewed about our music. Yesterday R'SENULL and I finished up an email interview with Vivian Nguyen, a writer for Northwest Asian Weekly. She was interested in writing an article about J-Pros in the wake of our second album, Pacific Central. It's the second interview I've done this summer so I was ready for more.

nahmean son

The questions themselves were basically the same: our respective backgrounds, the origin of J-Pros and how Asian-Americans fit into the hip-hop landscape. Like Mister Vee, Ms. Nguyen asked about the internal dynamics of the group -- how we worked together under long-distance conditions and about our song-writing process in general. Answering the questions got me excited about performing music and even writing again -- something I haven't focused on in several months. (There's just something about being on stage that keeps drawing me back somehow ...) I have some ideas brewing around in my head that might improve my pen game, but I'll go into those in more detail in a later post.

I'm not sure when the piece will be published in NWAW, but rest assured I'll post updates. Stay up!

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