23 September 2010

No Main Topic 003: On Packing, Autumn, Pho & Clam Chowder.

Been somewhat MIA from the computer the past couple of days; I've been busy trying to sort out what things to pack for the road trip back up to Washington State. Plans are to leave sometime mid-next week so the deadline is looming. I don't see myself coming back to the Midwest until next year so I need to make some wise decisions with regards to packing. Oh yeah: add Veronica, her car seat and big-ass bag to the mix and my options decrease. But jackets and sweaters are definitely coming with me 'cause --

It's officially the first day of Autumn! I can't say I haven't been looking forward to cooler weather; after I got back from Mexico that was it for me. I had fun sweating it out on the beach, but it's time to rock some scarves :) There were a couple of cool, rainy days before I left Kansas City last week, so I took advantage and had some pho at Vietnam Cafe and other weather-appropriate meals. Ahhhh so good. There's not much in the way of Asian cuisine here in Hays, but that'll make going out to eat in Seattle that much more satisfying.

Plus there's Ivar's to anticipate. Clam chowder FTW!

Also need to upload some photos of my last days in Kansas City to my Flickr account; be on the lookout for those.

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