03 March 2011

70s Baby.

Time to get random (c) Lady Sovereign.

Okay well this list is seriously gonna date me but dammit I'm in a nostalgic mood for older technology. I kinda miss:

  • listening to the tape at high speed and on reverse on your Walkman to find the beginning of the song.
  • music sounding dark and slow since the batteries are dying -- keep listening anyway.
  • rewinding the cassette tape with a pencil.
  • changing the film in a camera.
  • dialing a rotary phone.
  • ejecting a cassette tape from a Walkman.
  • having to find a pay phone.
  • the sound a dial-up modem would make when trying to connect.
  • the microwave oven being nearly as big as the damn fridge.
  • having to rewind VHS tapes before returning them to the video rental place.
  • getting a VHS tape stuck, resulting in the tape geting all fucked up. You'd have to spin the little wheel to get it to reel back up, but the quality of the video was never the same again. Sometimes, it wouldn't even go back in right.
  • listening to the radio, waiting for that popular song and having the tape recorder on standby.
  • using a cheap boombox and getting my cassette "eaten." Ah, the agony.
  • freaking out to the original V television series.
  • my Commodore 128. Yeah, I'm a nerd.
  • video cameras being so big they came in freaking suitcases.
  • the feeling of putting a tape in the VCR -- the moment where the mechanism catches and pulls the tape cartridge away from your fingertips was bliss.
  • how different our lives were in regard to communication. If i needed to talk to someone they'd better be at home when I called. Likewise, expecting a call meant sitting in your house and not leaving.

Technology has made things almost infinitely easier. Maybe I'm just pining for my childhood, but a certain charm has been lost.

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