27 June 2011

PM Update 007: Redesign Imminent.

What up fam.

I realize that I've been AWOL from Perpetual Mixtape for a number of months. This is mostly due to things slowing down and becoming static in my personal life; I lost a creative spark toward the beginning of the year and I'm just now getting it back. Thus my posts dried up, and would have been boring had I actually published any of them anyway.

Things may be turning around soon for me, so I expect to be putting in more effort with this website in the upcoming weeks. One thing I definitely want to do is purchase my own domain name -- having had some kind of journal on the Web for over a decade, you think I'd have one by now -- and completely redesign the site. It's become stagnant for me, and my recent overhaul really didn't generate the interest and creative burst from my brain that I thought it would. Ah well.

I've actually got a rather busy July ahead, but look for some new content soon! In the meantime, this will probably become a mini-photo blog as I've been keeping up on my Sunday Seven series.

Hope I haven't kept anyone waiting too long.

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