20 February 2009

Content? What Content?

What better way to start posting on my new blog than with some dazzling eye candy?

Keith Loutit takes a typical day at the beach and turns it into a sick tilt-shifted, time-lapsed video full of people who resemble Sims (!), set to some funky, summery music.

(Funny how I say that the people resemble Sims. Shouldn't it be the other way around?) I kept waiting for the Hand of God to come down and smash the happy tiny beach-goers into red pulpy puddles, or at least sweep them, yelling and flailing, into a giant celestial toy box. My hopes went unfulfilled but still, an awesome clip nonetheless.

I've experimented a couple of times with time-lapse video, and I would love to be able to experiment some more except for the fact that I currently don't have a decent digital camera. The best I could probably do at this point is use my webcam for some small-scale time-lapse footage of stuff in my apartment, or anywhere interesting I could take my laptop. A coffee shop or bookstore, maybe? I'll have to brainstorm. Tilt-shifting is beyond my capacity and is starting to jump the shark with its popularity, but it's still very impressive when done right.

Regarding the title of this post, I'd write something with actual insightful content, but I've spent most of my evening designing the layout of this blog, and my eyes are about to fall out of my skull. Rest assured I'll have something to write about by Sunday, as I have visitors coming, and a night out on the town planned.

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