02 February 2010

Throwback Week Part 02: Raccoon Eyes.

Originally posted on my (now-defunct) Xanga account on 21 March 2005. It's actually pretty relevant to what's going on in my life right now regarding stress. Go figure.

I have dark circles under my eyes. I don't think they're going away anytime soon.

Blame it on too many long days: At work I am faced with the same situation from two years ago -- my boss is pregnant and due to have her C-section in July. Two years ago it was a different boss, and I handled it; I ran the HR department by myself (recruiting/retention, payroll, benefits and the day-to-day administration) for a few weeks until she came back part-time from maternity leave. The first week my body coped by giving me a tension headache that lasted for the entire seven days and causing one particularly nasty vomiting episode in my bathtub. But then I got used to it and the rest of my tenure as interim Director of HR went fairly smoothly. I'm confident that I'll be headache-free this time around (knock on wood), but I can't say it hasn't caused me any stress.

Blame it on too many long nights: A major reason it's taken me this long to update this site is the music thing. We've been on the grind these last couple of months, mostly rehearsing for some pretty big shows. As a result, work on our album, which had originally been scheduled for completion this month, has come to a standstill. It hasn't stopped me from writing new songs -- I could drop two finished solo joints right now -- but there's been no actual recording in the booth. But I can't complain. Shows equal exposure, and that's one thing that never hurts. Granted, lately we've been performing at Filipino-based events instead of immersing ourselves more in the local music scene, but that's where the work is at the moment.

Blame it on just plain thinking too much: It shouldn't come as a surprise that my general anxiety level has increased over the last few months. That, and the fact that I haven't made the time to visit the gym regularly, has resulted in my losing about ten pounds. I hadn't realized the extent of the damage until I noticed my jeans sagging (more than usual) and had to buy a new belt.

And the dark circles.

So after our show this Saturday, things should ease up a bit and hopefully Ill be around a little more. Our next tentatively-scheduled show won't be until May (I think), so it'll be back to the studio to finish the LP. There's still the work situation, but there's really nothing I can do about that except gear up for the challenge and meet it head on. My boss is due back in mid-August, so I'll be grindin' until then.

Guess I'll have to live with raccoon eyes a little while longer.

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