03 February 2010

Throwback Week Part 03: Weightlifting With BB Mak.

In the interest of posting up old entries this week that have at least some connection to my current life, here's one I found from 21 February 2003. I'm starting my workout regimen back up this week and the topic definitely still resonates. I've upgraded to an iPod, though.

Listening to rap instrumentals at my desk. Marnie's down at our Tacoma office interviewing CSR candidates so I'm bumpin' the hip-hop tracks while I can (she barely knows who Eminem is, you see). This CD is actually the same one I use when at the gym. I find lyrics to be somewhat distracting as I tend to concentrate on those more than the actual lift -- a generally bad idea when one is laying underneath considerable poundage. So instrumentals are the way to go.

I used to go work out without the aid of a Discman and thus subjected myself to the whims of whoever was manning the front desk at 24 Hour Fitness. Usually the in-house piped-in music is decent (your basic Top 40 R&B/hip-hop, trance or alternative) but for some insane reason there will be periods where they'll play slow pop songs. What gives? Pipe that shit into the sauna or tanning rooms, not into the weight rooms. Nothing ruins the rhythm of pushing up presses like BB Mak crooning into your ears. I'd tried zoning the music out to no avail. I couldn't focus. (Picture me wearing a big frown and looking up at the ceiling in the middle of the weight room.) One night I'd had enough -- I bought a sturdy pair or headphones and some rechargeable batteries the next day and haven't looked back.

I know many people probably don't mind listening to ballads blaring overhead while they work out, and I bet a couple even bump Barbara Streisand on the elliptical trainer. But please -- don't share. Personally I don't want anyone singing sweet nothings while I push weight. It just doesn't vibe with why I'm at the gym in the first place.

Play some workout music, not make-out music.

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