18 March 2010

Lent Update.

It's Day 29 of Lent -- time for an official update to my list of things that I gave up a month ago:
  1. Eating "land meat". Happy to say that I've been getting all my protein from water-dwelling animals, and not really missing the meat much -- although a recent trip to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue did an excellent job of testing my will. I gritted my teeth, passed on my usual chicken katsu, and ordered fried mahi-mahi instead which was actually pretty tasty. Success!

  2. Drinking carbonated beverages. During a moment of weakness while helping my sister and brother-in-law move into their new house in Kirkland, I broke down and had a bottle of Coke and later, a half-can of Sprite. What can I say -- it was hot and I was in dire need of rehydration. I know I should've resisted the icy cold refreshment and gotten some water though. Fail!

  3. Pleasures of the flesh. It's not like I'm in a situation where I can partake in this on a regular basis anyway, so it's been relatively easy to maintain my abstinence. (Still, the mind drifts.) Success!

  4. Cursing. I have my good days and bad days. On the good days I sound like some sitcom family from the 50s. On the bad days I could make paint curl and peel from the walls with the sheer force of profanity spewing from my mouth. The important thing to take away from this so far is that I have stopped cursing casually, but I still have major problems with four-letter words when I get irritated or frustrated. Still working on it, but I'd say this particular one is a bust. Fail!
Saw this clever little Venn diagram on the always-entertaining Indexed and thought it was appropriate for the post:


I consider myself squarely in the A circle, desperately trying to make it to the B area. But not too much longer now. Hopefully I can improve by Easter.

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