21 April 2010

Most Textbooks Gather Dust.

I used to wonder how much of the stuff I learned in school I could apply in real life. My conclusion was that I could take just bits and pieces of the things I learned in my 100- and 200- level classes and apply it randomly to certain situations, but for the most part much of the statistics, theories and facts I scraped from various lectures and textbooks frankly could've stayed there and I'd be no worse off.


Now that I'm almost finished with the RT program here at FHSU though, I'm glad that the vast majority of the information I've been cramming into my head will be of some use. There are still tons of material that probably could have been left out as I believe (for now, anyway) that they will have no bearing whatsoever in what will be my daily professional life. But I guess if instructors only taught the absolute bare essentials, all of our classes would only last a half-hour each. They're getting paid to teach, and might as well fill up the time with something. In the meantime, many of my $100+ textbooks sit and gather dust because most of the material we're tested over come straight from the PowerPoint presentations we go over during lecture.


At any rate, I tend to dump most superfluous information minutes after I take tests. If you ask me what the last questions was on some exam we just took, there's a good chance I will already have wiped it from my memory.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Probably not.

Lastly, apologies for the late update today (come to think of it, I've been kinda off since this weekend). I'm currently gearing up for the second half of the week: outline due at midnight tonight, presentation and test tomorrow, then the fourth and final test of the week on Friday. Need to finish strong.

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