22 April 2010

Swaggerless? We Can Help.

Because Lord knows life is worthless if you're suddenly without swagger. Here's another classic from Yahoo! Answers:
How to get my swagger back?

well here it goes..last year and the year before that i had my swagger up i could easily pick up women and have no trouble with it, ever since i had a down fall of things like my best friend and her baby son leaving me and never talking to me agian becasue she got married and before that we were always a trio, i became lost and just gave up on things, then eventually just got lazy and substituted my emotions with alcohol in her place...and now i lost another women who cared for me bc of alcohol bc i'd rather drink than be around her; and the old me would never do that, so i stop drinking for that fact to better myself... and now tryin to figure out what to do to get my swagger all back, i had lost my romance, my way of talk, and most of all my look, im just confused and lazy and need to know what to do to get my motivation all back
I blame hip-hop. LOL.

The priceless answer to this burning question made my morning. Enjoy your Thursday! It's raining here and it makes me happy.

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