05 April 2010

Public Service Announcement 002: Facebook Status Updates.

I joined Facebook only about a year ago. After a couple months of my classmates in the x-ray program asking if I'd joined yet, I finally signed up and made my first noobish post to much fanfare and amusement. I mean, why not? -- pretty much everyone is on it now anyway. Yes, including my mom and several aunts and uncles.


This isn't quite the reaction I had when I got more than a few friend requests from the older members of my family, but I'd previously heard about people complaining that their parents were stalking them on FB, scrolling through their photo albums looking for incriminating evidence and/or posting stuff on their friends' Walls:


Thankfully my family's not that active on Facebook in general, so even if I were doing things my mom wouldn't necessarily approve of, chances are they'd miss my status updates. Not that I'd be posting about them anyway, but some people, unbelievably, still don't seem to realize just how public your information can be. They'll put stuff up about their latest experiments with mind-altering substances and/or stories about some crazy sexual conquest.

Granted, those are a much better (and far more hilarious) read than your typical "Having lunch with my BFF!!" or "GOD my life SUCKS" or "I just planted 35 acres of bananas in FarmVille" or "♫ [insert Top 40 song lyrics here] ♫" status updates -- or even worse, constant inane chatter:


Yeah, I've had to hide some of you guys for this last one especially. Sorry. (But not really.) Sometimes, it's just better to STFU.

Okay, rant over. Have a great Monday :D

Of course, shameless plug: Friend me on Facebook! But please don't flood my Feed with crap like I just wrote about, or you'll get smashed with the Hide Hammer.

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