16 August 2010

Hope The Cafeteria Food's Decent.

For those of you going starting school back up this (or next) week, here's an uncannily accurate guide about your college's website that you might find useful.

I can't find SHIT [via]

So true, though. Seriously, how come campus maps are always 1) hard to find and 2) ten times harder to read than they need to be?

Gahhhh. I don't miss those damn maps.

However in some ways I do kinda envy students as they can "escape" the Real World for a couple more years while the economy tries to correct itself. I know of more than a few examples where people have done/are doing just that, and I can't say that it wasn't a smart thing to do. I mean, other possible life circumstances aside, why not? This isn't very encouraging.

But yeah, the start of the fall semester is always exciting. New classes, new daily routine, new Facebook friends ... I used to enjoy finding new spots to study and people-watch. And let's not forget the advent of Autumn! (Okay so the seasons won't really start changing for a few more weeks, but it's coming up.) Anyways, a fun time of the year all around.

Good luck on your first day!

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