19 August 2010

P90X: Complete.

Actually I finished P90X a couple of weeks back. After my eye surgery in mid-June I had to postpone the program for a while, but picked it back up as soon as I was cleared to do so. It was amazing how hard I had to work to get back to my level of fitness pre-surgery after just a few (relatively speaking) days off. But I'm done!!

And it was a good journey. I don't really have any criticisms about the regimen; it will definitely get you in shape fast if you stick with it. I suppose that's the most important aspect of the program: You have to "keep pushing play" (one of P90X's mantras) in order to see results. And obviously, as with all fitness programs, it won't do any good if you show up but only put forth a sub-par effort. Admittedly I worked harder on some days than others (I mean, let's be realistic here), but I can stand up and say that I did try to push myself. Especially on Ab Ripper X. That shit hurts. But it's a gooood pain.

One thing worth noting is that P90X is regarded as a program that will increase your level of general physical preparedness -- a combination of various strength-building and cardiovascular exercises designed to elevate your heart rate and oxygen consumption, and promote some muscle growth. Something like this, actually. P90X will not, however, give you a bulky, muscular body. You'll become leaner (and definitely fitter) after completing the program, but you'll need to hit the gym if you're looking to gain some serious mass.

With my modified diet, I did meet my overall goals with P90X: Get a sleeker physique, reduce body fat percentage and increase cardiovascular endurance. It wasn't without a lot of effort and discipline, but I'm really glad I decided to do the program. I've talked to other people who've finished, and they've mostly advised to start the program over. I would like to continue certain aspects of P90X, but this is something that will more realistic after I move in few short weeks (doing plyometrics in a smallish bedroom doesn't really work too well). So I've switched my workout around a bit in the interim.

Since finishing, I've been concentrating a lot more on cutting weight. I do mostly cardio exercises (kenpo, yoga, stretching) with some body-weightlifting moves from the program sprinkled in. If you're a regular reader of Perpetual Mixtape, you're familiar with my running routine. I've been running a 5K route around my neighborhood 4-5 times a week which has done wonders for my stamina and lung capacity (not to mention all the freaking water weight I lose).

Crossfit Pyramid

So I guess the question remains: What is my next step? Insanity seems to be a popular option; I know a couple of people who are currently doing this workout with great results. I'm looking to join a gym though, because I do miss lifting actual weights, but will need to tailor it to my own specific fitness goals. Crossfit looks promising and fun as hell! We shall see.

Who wants to work out?

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