11 October 2010

Rebirth Of A Seattleite.

Well, I'm officially a resident of Washington State again. We touched down at my sister's house in Kirkland late Thursday evening and it's taken a weekend to unpack, settle in and start adjusting to the time difference. Here's the route we took:

not nearly as bad as it looks

Happily, Veronica was very pleasant throughout the duration of the road trip. She's always been a great traveler though, and occupied herself with coloring, drawing and singing in between viewings of The Little Mermaid or Tinkerbell. We had lots of fun which really made the time go by faster (but believe me, I felt those hours of driving at the end of each of the two days we were on the road).

Here are the stats for our great adventure:
  • 1661 highway miles
  • 25 hours of driving
  • 6 states
  • 9 "Are we there yet?" questions
  • 1 delay due to highway accidents
  • 7 gas stops
  • 1 motel stay
  • 7 animated movies watched on the PSP
  • 2 people happy that the trip is finally over
For the next steps, I've begun studying for my MRI boards that I'll take next month and sending out resumes for jobs. I only plan on staying with my sister (and her husband and daughter) for a few weeks, until I get back on track with a regular paycheck, and then it's back to apartment living once more. I'm looking forward to some steady work and adjusting to a schedule again. My re-education is complete. Now it's time to get busy.

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Rey said...

good to have you back in seattle ran! my favorite part of this entry:

"9 Are we there yet? questions" lol!

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